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4 Case Study Tools You Need to Create Professional Case Studies

As a marketer, creating a Case Study takes a lot of work, but the right Case Study tools will make your job easier. Read on to learn more about our top Case Study tool suggestions.

  1. Adobe InDesign for layout design

Great Case Studies need great design. Adobe InDesign is a robust desktop publishing and typesetting program used frequently for creating professional layouts for both print and the web. Using this industry-standard software means it’ll be easier to share the files and collaborate with others.

  1. Zoom for interview recording

You must record and transcribe your interview. Recording the interview via Zoom will free you up from taking notes and allow you to focus on the conversation while still capturing every word.

  1. Rev for transcription

After the call, send your recording to Rev for a written transcription that you can refer back to at any time. This will make it easier to write, and you’ll have the details documented for future use.

  1. Upwork / Toptal / Communo for hiring writers, editors, and designers

The final version of your Case Study will be used as a marketing and selling tool, so you want it to look and read the best it possibly can. Recognize the weaknesses in your Case Study, and don’t hesitate to spend some money for extra help from an experienced writer, editor, or designer on Upwork, Toptal, or Communo.

BONUS: SuccessKit to handle everything for you

We here at SuccessKit have a process to create an entire Case Study for you from start to finish. We have all the Case Study tools and the perfect team in place to handle every step of the process. Sign up, on-board with Julian, and put your feet up while we take care of all the rest.

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Julian Lumpkin

Julian has focused his career on B2B sales and sales management, specifically bringing new technologies to market. After years as an elite sales rep, he began leading teams, specifically focused on coaching sales reps on how to be direct, credible, and respected throughout the sales process. Julian conceived of and designed SuccessKit when running an 18 person sales-team at Axial, a b2b startup, as a way to help sales reps have better conversations by utilizing customer success examples and other content more effectively.

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