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New Series for Growing Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Introduction [VIDEO]

In this five-minute video, Julian Lumpkin introduces SuccessKit’s new series about creating and growing small to medium-sized businesses.

Julian has found that there’s a wealth of knowledge out there about how to grow a venture-capital-backed, billion-dollar business. Additionally, there are plenty of tutorials describing how to be a successful solo entrepreneur. However, there’s little information about starting and managing professional service firms and self-funded tech companies and agencies.

This new series intends to address that void. Its audience is people building real, profitable, multi-million dollar businesses in various B2B industries. Throughout the series, Julian will share his own experiences with SuccessKit. He’ll also highlight the clients and connections that are on the same path toward having and growing a successful small business.

This video includes the following topics:

  • Julian’s background working for VC-backed tech companies before founding SuccessKit
  • The type of growth advice for business owners that’s currently available, which mostly concerns those at opposite ends of the spectrum but not those in between (e.g., freelancers, contractors, and billion-dollar companies)
  • The reason SuccessKit’s initial objective and approach changed
  • The evolution of SuccessKit’s product offering
  • Topics for future videos, which include
    • Selling as a founder
    • Hiring and managing contractors
    • Marketing and business development with a modest budget
    • Dealing with difficult clients

“There is a lot of information out there about how to grow a VC-backed company…[and] how to be a solo entrepreneur…but not everyone falls into those two categories… There just wasn’t that much information out there about how to run a business like mine.”

Julian Lumpkin, Founder, SuccessKit

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If you have an idea for a future topic you’d like addressed or if you’d like to be a guest on the series, contact Julian via the form on our Learn More page.

Stef Mates

Stef Mates has been writing, designing, editing, and managing a variety of content types for several different industries for more than 15 years. She started at SuccessKit as a freelancer in November 2019 and became an official part of the team as the Director of Editing, Writing, and Design in June 2021.

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