Julian Lumpkin and John Barrows discuss how to use case studies in sales

How to Use Case Studies in Sales, Part 1 [VIDEO]

In our first video of our “How to Use Case Studies in Sales” series, Julian speaks with John Barrows, the founder of JB Sales, to talk about the importance of Case Studies in the B2B sales process. John describes how to use Case Studies to connect with prospective clients and craft resonant, personalized messages tailored especially to them.

In this video…

  • Learn the reason why Case Studies are so important in making a sale
  • Discover the most important attribute of a Case Study (Surprise: It’s not results!)
  • Recognize how to get your prospective client to say “That’s me” and connect with a Case Study’s “before” and “after”
  • Realize how Alcoholics Anonymous is a perfect example when it comes to using Case Studies effectively
  • Understand why a relevant Case Study matters more than one that showcases a big-name, well-known client
  • Gain tactical advice on how a sales rep can use Case Studies when talking to both inbound and outbound clients
  • Find out the trick to getting executives to read your Case Studies
  • Learn why introducing Case Studies at the closing stage of the sales cycle is not advisable
  • Recognize the link between Case Studies and objection handling techniques

Want to learn more about selling with Case Studies? Check out our interview with Charles Muhlbauer.

Julian Lumpkin

Julian has focused his career on B2B sales and sales management, specifically bringing new technologies to market. After years as an elite sales rep, he began leading teams, specifically focused on coaching sales reps on how to be direct, credible, and respected throughout the sales process. Julian conceived of and designed SuccessKit when running an 18 person sales-team at Axial, a b2b startup, as a way to help sales reps have better conversations by utilizing customer success examples and other content more effectively.

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