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How We Turn One Client Interview into a Case Study and a Video Testimonial

We at SuccessKit have refined our B2B content process so that we can create both a Case Study and a Video Testimonial from just one interview. This post explains how!

Case Study or Video Testimonial?

Video Testimonials and Case Studies are pieces of B2B content that let prospects know about the success your clients have achieved thanks to your product or service. They’re powerful because they feature real people seeing real results and benefits. They serve as proof that your business is legitimate and worth any investment. Therefore, any company can benefit from either Case Studies or Video Testimonials.

A Case Study has the benefit of going into more detail than a Video Testimonial. It’s also easier to quickly search and reference later. Additionally, marketing teams can incorporate elements of a Case Study into different campaigns. Meanwhile, the salesforce can use it when prospecting.

On the other hand, Video Testimonials make for very memorable B2B content. They quickly capture viewers’ attention and convey the subject’s personality and emotions, allowing for a deeper connection with viewers. Furthermore, they are easy to post and share, making them perfect for social media.

Fortunately, with SuccessKit’s fine-tuned process, you won’t have to choose between having a Case Study or a Video Testimonial. You can have them both, and all it takes is one interview with your client.

Our Process

With SuccessKit managing your B2B content creation, you can opt to get both a Case Study and a Video Testimonial featuring the same client. The two types of content will result from just one remote interview with your client. Better still, that interview takes only 30 to 45 minutes of your client’s time.

The first 15 to 20 minutes of the conversation is reserved for a normal interview with your client. We ask all the crucial questions and record the video of your client’s responses. Once we have the answers we need, we use the rest of the call to give your client prompts. We’ve designed these prompts to allow us to collect short clips to use in your Video Testimonial.

We then use content gathered during the interview to write, edit, and design fully customized assets for your marketing campaigns and sales process.

As an example, take a look at the Case Study and Video Testimonial we created for one of our clients from a single interview.


Want to know more about how just one interview can turn into high-quality B2B content? Message us at [email protected] to learn more about what we can do for you.

Stef Mates

Stef Mates has been writing, designing, editing, and managing a variety of content types for several different industries for more than 15 years. She started at SuccessKit as a freelancer in November 2019 and became an official part of the team as the Director of Editing, Writing, and Design in June 2021.

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