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SuccessKit Podcast, Episode 1: Greg Alexander, Collective 54 Founder [PODCAST]

The first episode of the SuccessKit podcast features a conversation with Greg Alexander, founder of the professional services firm Collective 54. Listen as Greg and SuccessKit’s Julian Lumpkin discuss the life cycle of a professional services firm and the role of the founder through it all.

The purpose of the SuccessKit podcast is to talk about the success strategies for small to medium-sized tech companies and professional service firms. The podcast aims to fill a void for those business owners who seek profitable growth opportunities and aren’t solo entrepreneurs nor running Fortune 500 companies.

Podcast Episode 1: Greg Alexander of Collective 54

Greg Alexander’s thirty-year professional career involved being an entrepreneur before becoming an investor in boutique professional services firms. Now, in this thirty-minute podcast, he touches upon the following topics:

  • Defines boutique professional services firm
  • Explains why now is a great time to be a professional services firm
  • Compares the ease of starting a services business to that of starting a tech company
  • Names the characteristics commonly seen in the best professional services firms, founders, and CEOs
  • Differentiates between the two necessary types of partners in a firm: the hacker and the hustler
  • Identifies how and when founders should start removing themselves from delivering their services
  • Describes the life cycle of the professional services firm
  • Compares lifestyle businesses to scalable businesses
  • Summarizes the acquisition trends for professional services
  • Classifies the three categories of professional services firm buyers

“I was a young successful executive at a Fortune 500 company… In my early thirties, I looked at my role models, which were men much older than me in that company, and I said, ‘Is that the life I want?’ That was an unattractive career path for me. I decided to go into business for myself, and…it was the greatest thing I ever did. So I would encourage all your listeners if they’re thinking about it, then just… go for it.”

Greg Alexander, Founder, Collective 54

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