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What is a Video Testimonial?

In 2021, SuccessKit expanded its offerings to include Video Testimonials (a.k.a., Case Study Videos). This post will explain what exactly a Video Testimonial is, why and how you should make a good one, and where you can use it.

What is a Video Testimonial?

As with Case Studies, Video Testimonials are persuasive because they feature real customer stories told by the customers themselves. Businesses use Video Testimonials to illustrate the value of their products or services.

Video Testimonials differ from Case Studies in that they capture and quickly convey the subjects’ personalities. This allows videos to establish an emotional connection with the audience in a way that may not happen with text. Furthermore, Video Testimonials are versatile—you can use them across a variety of marketing channels. They’re also easy for people to post and share. 

How to Make a Video Testimonial

Now that you know how important Video Testimonials are, here are some tips for creating a high-quality one yourself.

Pick a Good Client/Customer

Highlight a story where your company comes across as a hero. Video Testimonial subjects who’ve really benefited from your services or products from your involvement in their company are likely to give you a glowing testimonial.

Decide on a Format

Video Testimonials are typically short (between 60 and 120 seconds) and, therefore, are less narrative-driven than Case Studies. However, as a starting point, you can use the same format for Video Testimonials that Case Studies follow. This format typically includes the following three parts:

  • Situation or Problem—Introduce the customer and the challenges your customer faced before your company’s involvement.
  • Solution—Describe what it was like for the customer to use your product or how your service saved the day.
  • Results—Present the benefits the customer reaped from your solution.

Click here for more guidance on developing content that follows the problem-solution-results format.

Plan Your Video

The best Video Testimonials are the result of careful planning and forethought. Therefore, put effort into creating outlines, storyboards, scripts, and other planning documents for your Video Testimonial. 

Scripts and outlines are especially important documents that you’ll also want to share with the Video Testimonial subject. An outline ensures your video is focused and addresses all the key points. It also gives your subject an idea of what to expect. As for the script, it doesn’t need to be too elaborate, nor should you expect the subject to memorize and recite it verbatim. It simply gives your subject a general idea of what to say. 

Incorporate Interesting Visuals

Keep your Video Testimonial compelling by supplementing your subject’s interview with additional visual elements, like graphs that support data. Avoid using stock images and photos. Instead, incorporate real videos of your team working, your product in action, or B-roll content, which is anything that represents your brand. Doing so is very effective, especially when paired with a voice-over. 

Where to Use Your Video Testimonial

Once your Video Testimonial is ready, you’ll need a place to publish it and show it off. Here are some suggestions:

  • Embed it on your home page to increase how long visitors stay on the website.
  • Post it on social media to show your followers what you’re all about.
  • Use it in ads on Facebook, YouTube, and so on to catch the attention of potential customers.
  • Include it in email marketing to nurture your email list.
  • Add it to your “Our Clients” or “Case Studies” page on your website.


Need examples of effective Video Testimonials? Check out some of the remote Video Testimonial examples on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or would like us to create a Video Testimonial for you!

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