Management Team


Julian Lumpkin Co-Founder & CEO

Julian has focused his career on B2B sales and sales management, specifically bringing new technologies to market. After years as an elite sales rep, he began leading teams, specifically focused on coaching sales reps on how to be direct, credible, and respected throughout the sales process.

Julian conceived of and designed SuccessKit when running an 18 person sales-team at Axial, a b2b startup, as a way to help sales reps have better conversations by utilizing customer success examples and other content more effectively.

Daniel Litt Co-Founder & Director of Product

Daniel has worked for the most revered music companies in the world – including taste-maker Fool’s Gold Records and Universal Music Group, the largest record label globally.

Dan’s work has focused on optimizing management & distribution of sensitive digital assets. He has helped incorporate and develop new technologies and processes that set industry standards for managing digital content.

Cliff Jackson Director of Marketing

Cliff is a digital marketing pro with a passion for growing small businesses and a keen eye for the details. Cliff founded a digital marketing agency, Gravity Rail Media, in January 2017.

Cliff has been a partner at SuccessKit, building digital marketing strategy, and driving the case study creation process since June of 2018.



What people are saying



Milo Sindell
President, Skyline G

“If you’re looking for Case Studies, this is a really nice little organization to partner with. Our experience, frankly, has been excellent.”



Franklyn Peart
Co-Founder, CentreStack

“We’re already recommending SK to our customers. It is important [for a company] to have social proof. The more social proof, the more it matches the experience your prospects are looking for, which builds trust – a key factor in closing a deal faster.”



John Morgan,
Director of Marketing, Elemental Machines

“SuccessKit has been great. I have created Case Studies in the past and I realize how difficult it is to get them to commit and be fully engaged. SuccessKit is able to draw out key points – we can tell them, ‘ABC company had this problem,’ and they will document our solution.”

What people are saying


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